DevCompanion is a Sweden based company that is dedicated to develop quality Windows™ software. We are currently in a startup phase (this is why this page and others on our website looks so underdesigned (ugly is another word for it). No professional web designers have been involved in this).

DevCompanion offers consulting in Windows™ development, where our specialty is development in C++. DevCompanion also develops Windows™ applications of our own, usually based on what customers have asked for.

Our first complete application (program/app) is called SudokuCompanion. It is an application that assists those of you who likes to solve sudokus found in papers/magazines or elsewhere, but need a better GUI than paper or what is offered on the web, to make your solving easier. It includes a number of helpful tools, including (for ultimate cheating) a solver. It can solve most sudokus classified as “very difficult”. Future versions will have an even more powerful solver.

You can read more about SudokuCompanion and download it here.

For more information about DevCompanion, email